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NJ Civil Service Commission is accepting applications for the State Correction Police Officer title until January 31st.  This test would probably be administered in late-March or April.

The link to apply for the State Correction Officer Recruit title is:
The link to apply for our test prep courses is:

Keep in mind that there will be another NJ CSC Law Enforcement Entry Exam  for the Law Enforcement Entry (LEE) series test later this year. That test includes numerous other law enforcement titles like the Municipal Police Officer and County Correction Officer titles. Last time NJ CSC had two tests in one year they transferred the scores (not automatically, one still had to complete both applications) to the LEEE lists. This meant that those who took the State Correction Officer test and did not do so well also carried the low score into the other lists.  They were not given the opportunity to retest for a better score.  That meant they had to wait at least two year (three now since they postponed the 2018 LEEE test into 2019) to test again.  Depending on their age (there is only an age limit of 35 for the Municipal Police Officer) some people lost their chance at their dream career. Don’t let this happen to you.  Make sure you are prepared for this test and score the best you possibly can. It is not simply about passing the test, that part is easy.  Up to 30,000 people take these tests and the competition is fierce.  Positions are filled from the top of the lists (best scores) down. You have to score as high as possible to have a better chance at getting hired. Please consider our test prep courses for your exam preparation.  We’ve helped many candidates score high and succeed.  Many of our candidates are now law enforcement officers throughout the state.


NJ Civil Service Commission has postponed the Law Enforcement Entry Exam series and will be making an announcement in 2019.  All our classes have been cancelled.  Submit a Contact Form to be kept up to date on new announcements as we receive them.


Law Enforcement Personality Assessment Quiz:   Are you serious about becoming a law enforcement officer? Take this personality quiz to see if your character lines up with the traits expected of a ideal officer. This quiz is just a sample personality trait quiz and not representative of the same type that is administered by NJ CSC.

CLICK HERE to take the Law Enforcement Personality Assessment Quiz