New Jersey Civil Service Commission Entry Level Exam

It’s not about passing, it’s about excelling.

Most take the New Jersey Civil Service Commission’s Entry Level Exam with the idea that they just need to pass to be hired. But just one incorrect answer on the civil service exam can place your score below hundreds of qualified candidates, eliminating your chance to be considered for these limited positions. Candidates in today’s competitive job market can’t afford to reduce their chances when a fraction of a point could be the difference between a job becoming yours…or someone else’s.

Excelling in the Entry Level Exam is necessary to obtain the following positions:

• Municipal Police Officer
• Sheriff Officer
• Campus Police Officer
• County Correction Officer
• Juvenile Justice Corrections Officer
• Housing Police Officer
• County Police Officer
• Park Police Officer
• State Ranger
• Health Care Facility Police Officer
• Palisades Interstate Park Police
• State Correction Officer Recruit
• Parole Officer Recruit

Students review recent tests and learn test-taking strategies to help increase test scores. Course instruction includes the 8 areas of the test:

• Written Comprehension
• Written Expression
• Problem Sensitivity
• Deductive Reasoning
• Inductive Reasoning
• Information Ordering
• Work Style Questionnaire
• Life Experience Survey

Classes offer up-to-date training material, practice tests, proven test-taking strategies, email and phone support from our test prep instructors, and assistance in completing the CSC test application.

A position in law enforcement provides an opportunity to help others as no other job can. A career in law enforcement provides more than most jobs in today’s economy including: stability, exceptional pay, great benefits and a secure retirement.

Our Police Entry Test Preparation course covers, in detail, each type of question you will encounter in the actual exam. We also go over the life experience survey and work-style questionnaire that is also graded in the test. This portion of the test is where candidates either score very well or very poorly, depending on how they answer the statements. You will receive practice tests as well as extra material to practice on after the course.

There are several study options to choose from (see below for differences).

There is no difference in the instruction between  the in-class or online courses. Course candidates are able to access additional 72- or 144- hour blocks which can be purchased for discounted prices.

The one day course offers an in-depth review of all types of questions experienced on the test as well as showing you test taking strategies on how to beat your competition.  You will receive a workbook containing a take-home simulated exam and more practice questions for continued preparation.

The two day class covers all the material from the one day course, an in-class simulated exam and review, and in-depth look at the hiring process and how to increase your chances at getting your dream career.  You will also receive additional take-home practice questions.

NOTICE: On/About Friday, April 6, 2018 NJ Civil Service Commission posted, on their website, that the LEE exam will be announced in 2019.  If you would like to be kept updated, please fill out a Mailing List form.  Thank you.

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**Cannot be purchased alone – Must be purchased in addition to the initial purchase of either a one-day or two day course (online or in-class)

Our courses give you exactly what you need to score higher on your exam.  No fluff, no multiple long breaks, no long lunch hours, no useless fill-in-the-blank exercises, no war stories. Other groups give you “fluff” to eat away time in order to justify their hefty price tags.  Our instructors are current and retired ranking police officers who have experience in test-taking and showing others how to succeed.

 Do you have the right stuff to be a law enforcement officer?  Take our Law Enforcement Personality Assessment Quiz and see how you score.  These type of questions are similar to the Work Style Questionnaire used on the test.  We address these, and the other areas of the test to help you score better.
Click here for the quiz: www.topcopinc.com/quiz/entry-test